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Murder Gets a Makeover:
“As always, Levine’s spunky heroine gets the last laugh.”—Kirkus Reviews

Woman’s World Magazine “book of the week”

Death of a Gigolo:
“Ms. Levine NEVER disappoints! Like all the others in her stellar series, each page is filled with wit, humor and sarcasm that only Laura Levine can provide.”—Wonder Women Sixty

Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge:
“…a thoroughly enjoyable cozy with just the right balance of crime, humor, and holiday spirit.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

Death of a Bachelorette:
“Jaine’s antics dealing with a love-struck island king, who wants to make her his wife, kept me in stitches.”—Tanzey Cutter, Fresh Fiction

Murder Has Nine Lives:
“Jaine’s flair for the well-turned phrase puts her in the top tier
of do-it-yourself detectives.”—Kirkus Reviews

Death by Tiara:
“Another hilarious addition to this splendidly witty series.”—Tanzey Cutter, Fresh Fiction

Death of a Neighborhood Witch:
“Levine’s latest finds her at her witty and wacky best.”Kirkus Reviews

Pampered to Death:
"Jaine's wit shines throughout." Publishers Weekly

"I'm crazy aobut Laura Levine's mysteries...
They always make me laugh out loud.
"Joanne Fluke

Death of a Trophy Wife

“Series fans will find Jaine as funny as ever.”Publishers Weekly

Killer Cruise:
"Highly amusing...Levine's lively wit keeps the shenanigans afloat." Publishers Weekly

Killing Bridezilla:
"Levine's slick wit and sure pacing makes this another hit in this
entertaining series."
Publishers Weekly

Death by Pantyhose:
"This sixth entry in the very entertaining Jaine Austen series is the funniest yet.
Levine is wickedly witty at all times in this latest."
The Kingston Observer

The PMS Murder:
"Jaine can really dish it out." The New York Times Book Review

Shoes to Die For:
"A lively sense of humor and an ear for the absurd help Jaine overcome any number of setbacks and a host of fashion no-nos." Kirkus Reviews

Killer Blonde:
"Levine's series gets smarter with each book. Her dialogue is realistic yet hilarious, and her vivid characters jump off the page." Romantic Times

Last Writes:
"Last Writes is sprightly and entertaining. I commend it to
the attention of anyone wishing to be entertained."
Robert B. Parker

This Pen for Hire:
"This Pen for Hire is as much about Jaine herself as about the mystery. Fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series will want to check her out." The Mystery Reader

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