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What's Next:


Stay tuned for news of the gala DEATH OF A BACHELORETTE launch party!


Jaine's newest adventure!

Death of a Bachelorette cover
Jaine solves a murder on a cheesy "Bachelor" show rip-off, and 
I get to fulfill a longtime dream of knocking off one of those 
back-biting, scenery-chewing TV bachelorettes!

Murder Has Nine Lives cover

"Jaine's flair for the well-turned phrase puts
her in the top tier of do-it-yourself detectives."
—— Kirkus Reviews

Death by Tiara

Jaine solves a murder in the cut-throat world of beauty pageants.

One of four novellas in a Christmas-themed anthology. When Jaine gets a gig as a Santa's elf, she can't decide which is worse: Having to wear a hideously unflattering elf costume, or discovering Santa dead next to the Christmas tree. It's a "Nightmare on Elf Street" you won't want to miss!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Jaine starts writing advertising copy for a Matchmaker from Hell—a ghastly gal with a penchant for lying, cheating, backstabbing and blackmailing. (And those are her good points.) When the chiseling cupid is murdered, Jaine sets out to find the true killer, all the while fending off the advances of a billionaire septuagenarian who's fallen madly in love—with her cat Prozac!


Alert the media! The wonderful folks at Kensington Books
re-released two golden oldies, DEATH BY PANTYHOSE and
SHOES TO DIE FOR, with spiffy new paperback covers.


Jaine gets a job writing jokes for a female stand-up comic—only to discover that comedy is no laughing matter when her client gets arrested for strangling her arch rival with a pair of control top pantyhose. Don’t miss this true life adventure of murder, romance, and spandex undergarments!


When Jaine—a gal who thinks Dolce E Gabbana is an Italian ice cream—lands a job writing ads for a trendy clothing boutique, she’s in for a challenge. Especially when she finds Frenchie, the boutique’s most detested employee, stabbed in the neck with one of her own stiletto heels. Join Jaine in this fashion disaster of deadly proportions.


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